• Psychic SpiritEmail Psychic Readings
    $19.95 per question

    Email Psychic readings are purchased by the question
    and consist of 1000 characters

    Psychic SpiritText Psychic Readings $5.00 per question

    Get a psychic reading from the privacy of your cell phone, SMS or mobile device.


    Psychic SpiritLIVE Psychic Readings
    $59.95 (30 mins)

    Psychic Spirit LIVE psychic reading service. Only $59.95 for 30 mins! Just $1.99 min!


    Psychic SpiritLive Psychic Readings Minutes!
    $1.99 per min.

    Psychic Spirit LIVE is our live psychic reading service. Enjoy our great rates of $1.99 min!


    Psychic SpiritMagic Spell or Empowerment
    (10x potency)

    Ancient Babylonian, Sumarian, Atlantean & Egyptian most powerful positive ritual magic

PSYCHIC SPIRIT – Have a REAL Psychic Experience!

Take a walk on the wild side and get a psychic reading – a REAL psychic reading…

Beyond our tangible senses, lies a divine universal realm of knowledge of the past, present and future that can only be discerned by those who have been gifted with the abilities to connect with this source.

Psychics are people who have these abilities.   Psychics are those who perform readings.  Readings are a way to obtain information you would not ordinarily have, so they can give you an edge in life.


Over 100 Types of Psychic Readings!


Psychic Spirit offers some of the most amazing, diverse and eclectic psychic readings you will find.  We offer many unusual and traditional metaphysical, cartomancy, divination, oracle, fortune teller, clairvoyant, trance, channeled, esoteric, mystical, spirit guides and more, more more readings – over 100 types of readings and our list is growing.  Check out our current list of psychic readings here.

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