Psychic readings have been around since the beginning of mankind. Historical references to belief in psychic abilities crosses all cultures.  Seers, mediums, channeling, scrying, divination, metaphysics, astrology, fortune telling are an active part of the world’s  spirituality.  But not everyone in the world agrees on the source.  Some religions embrace psychic skills as being divine gifts while others believe they are occult, dark, cryptic and the work of the Devil.  Few things are viewed with such contrast as to good or evil as psychic abilities.  Although people cannot agree on the source of these manifest abilities, both sides still acknowledge they exist.  Science, however, does not seek to validate it, even given the fact that the world was once thought to be flat and the Aurora Borealis was thought to be giant bonfires, before the advent of technology.  With that in mind, some of us  look forward to the day when lagging technology can affirm what some of us already know – psychic readings based on psychic abilities are real.


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Real Psychic Readings


Ready to have a real psychic reading?  Psychic Spirit offers highly detailed and accurate, intensely perceptive psychic readings.  And you are our focus.  When Psychic Spirit does your reading, you are the center of attention.  Your question is the most important topic.  Our psychic abilities are directed at what you want to know.  We cater r to the type of reading that you want, whether that be a Tarot reading, palm reading or astrology reading.


psychic spirit psychic readings imageText a Psychic Readings On the Go – It’s So Easy and Only $5.00!

Get a real psychic reading on your cell phone with Psychic Spirit’s Text a Psychic Reading text message reading service.  It’s so cheap too – only $5.00 per question.  It’s so easy.  All you do is pay for the number of questions you want to ask.  You can buy blocks of questions too, if you like.  Then, you text your question(s) to us at 661-418-7798.  Then,  Psychic Spirit will respond with your reading.  You reading is texted to your cell phone!  No matter where you are, you can get peace of mind, reassurance, and helpful insights on the go.



psychic spirit psychic readings imageLive Psychic Chat – It’s Great to Have a Psychic Friend!

There’s nothing more comforting than to have a compassionate psychic to talk to.  What could be better than to get helpful insight to your problems and compassion as well.  It’s the human touch that can make all the difference sometimes.  Live Psychic Chat allows you to call a real psychic and have someone to tell your problems to,.  You can gain valuable perspective.  It’s like having a secret advantage of knowing the future.  And you can call the same psychic and that way, have your own special psychic friend.  And the price is right – just $1.99



Free psychic reading imageFree Psychic Readings – Three Ways to Get Them!

Free is definitely the right price!  And there are three ways to get Free psychic readings on Psychic Spirit.  (1) Look for designated readings that say “Free” in the title of the reading.  (2)  If you are a repeat customer, keep track of your readings, because you will get your 11th psychic reading totally free.  (3)  If you buy a psychic reading over $150.00, you get a free one question psychic reading.  Free is the same as 100% discount – and that’s a steal!



psychic readings imagePsychic Readings by Psychic Spirit – Over 100 Psychic Reading Types!

Go shopping for psychic readings on Psychic Spirit!  We have the most diverse and exciting psychic readings you’ll find – over 100 types of psychic readings:  Native American smoke, Celtic Faerie, cherry pits, Atlantis dolphin, water gazing and so much more!  You thirst for psychic readings and to venture into the deep and mystical – you have found the right place.